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About us
Welcome to our web site
COBCO SA at this time is a company that capitalized the potential of Industrial Construction Trust from Brasov, with a national reputation in the construction department and an experience over 50 years.
In 1991 the Industrial Construction trust is structural reorganized and is registered at the Commerce Register as the second corporation with integral private capital.
The management company is focused in dealing with the strict quality which is drawn from the requirements of the European standards as ISO, having the support of an experienced technical staff, well motivated and flexible. Starting with 2001 we launched a new computerized project and build a refreshed and more dynamic look of Cobco brand, through a intelligent marketing project by permanently testing the construction market and being present in many auctions, an so enlarging the orders portfolio.
Our offer
The company policy in the quality department of COBCO can provide:
  • complete the activities by keeping all the terms of the contract
  • upgrading the quality of all activities inside of the company
  • permanently supervise the competence of our human resources offering periodically the best training
  • new technology and procurement of the best equipment
  • executing all the projects according the terms and standards applied in costumer satisfaction and being close to his requirements
The quality of our work presented in detail on this website, makes an assurance in our future collaboration
Industrial constructions
Monuments and
Civil engineering