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Works in progress
Residence Complex Building, Unit 7, 8, 9 Bellevue Residence
    The land on which there are the constructions, with a total surface of 33.134,50 square meters, is located on a peak, higher with respect to the White Tower located on the other side of the road to Poiana, as well as with an respect to the central part of the antique side of the city, with an irregular rectangle shape.
    The main destination of the buildings is as multi/apartment buildings, and their auxiliary spaces, having a residential nature, with a high degree of confort and dotations.
    The structure of the land has consented the construction of a wider basement with respect to the other floors, basement in which there is a 16 places garage. For the rest, the space contains a number of 16 boxes, the staircase, the elevator, technical space for the elevator, an access entrance and a garbige room.
    The resistence structure of the building was projected out of reinforced concrete and central nucleum (the staircase with the elevator) made of concrete elements.
    Due to the very inclined slope of the field, the dotated field’s quota on the lateral fasade is at the level of the 2nd or 3rd floor.
    The building system has been projected as follows :
  • Fundations under the shape of continuous platforms for the basement walls and for the ground floor and 1st floor
  • Reinforced concrete elements for the staircase and elevator area
  • Isolated foundations under the pillars of the frames
  • Reinforced floor at the basement
  • Concrete walls at the semi-basement, ground floor and 1st floor protected against water
  • The pannels have been projected of reinforced concrete, supported on the belts and pillars of the structure
  • The frame structure out of reinforced concrete and the supporting elements in the staircase and elevator area
  • The external walls shall be manufactured of bricks of 25 cm