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Works Finished
The assembly hall and amphitheatres of Transilvania University
This building it's a modern construction displayed on four levels (basement, ground floor and two floors) from pillars, diaphragms and the floors from ferro-concrete with a total surface of 6730 square meters. The substructure is done like a rigid box made from a general foundation plate, with walls and plates from ferro-concrete on a ballast pillow. At the roofs level, in the assembly hall and skylight area, the structure was made from metal elements.

The front side of the building includes 8 amphitheatres each having 80 sites, halls for expositions and protocols, sanitary groups. The backside of the edifice represents the "Assembly hall" with 832 sites, that has square form and with four angles off. The assembly hall is connected to a series rooms (projection box, translation cabins). The ceiling is partial opaque and partial stained
The finishing of a high quality was done from: marble, parquet, external carpentry, and aluminum with void glass, inside the building, oak and sycamore maple carpentry, grit stone, and faience. The external finishing was done in Baumit style and the assembly hall has acoustic treatment. The functionality of the assembly hall is high class, equipped with audio- video equipment, which gives the possibility to hold meetings, symposiums and international conferences